What are the Best Outdoor Kitchen Kits?

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One item that should be the staple of any backyard is the outdoor kitchen kit. What is an outdoor kitchen kit you may ask? It is an outdoor appliance and utilities combined together to form a freestanding outdoor kitchen. The most necessary appliance would be the barbecue grill but many outdoor kitchens have become larger and now have cooking and preparation area, sink, refrigerator, side burner storage space and much more.

It provides the excitement and flavor of outdoor cooking with the simplicity and luxury of your own home. Buying a big and cumbersome barbecue set can be tiring to move around all the time and even more so when you use it away from home. Getting to and from outdoor destinations to use the outdoor barbecue is an arduous task and one that can all be supplemented by having your own at home outdoor kitchen kit.

No more will you have to stray away from home to experience the delights of fresh outdoor kitchen cooked good. No matter what the occasion, there is bound to be a use for one at your home that will provide a number of great benefits to add spice to your life.

What factors to consider when building an outdoor kitchen 

With the purchase of an outdoor kitchen kit, it is important to consider many features including the intended use of the kitchen kit, number of appliances you will want with it as well as maintenance. Here are a few things to remember and consider before making your choice:

Intended use: Consider what you will be using this outdoor kitchen kit for. Are you expecting to have a backyard barbeque every other day, every weekend, every month or on special occasions? Are you planning to have lots of friends over or just small get together with the family? All are important factors that must be given much thought, as you don’t want to end up overspending on an item that you will hardly ever use or underspend and not be able to keep up with the raging demand of your adoring patrons.

Appliances: There is more to an outdoor kitchen kit than just a bench, propane tank and grill. Sometimes you might want to get the very most of the area with all the bells and whistles. Side burner grills add more to your ability to cook as well as prepare more food for the masses. You can also consider having a hot plate or additional hot plate for cooking up messy foods such as onions or eggs, perfect with any hot cooked breakfast.

Then there is the addition of a refrigerator (for your cold beers and other drinks), cabinets (for storing your exclusive outdoor kitchen kit cutlery and plates), sink and food preparation area. What you choose to have in your outdoor kitchen kit is up to you, which is why it is all the more important to hand select them to suit your needs.

Location: Having your outdoor kitchen kit in a well-suited location is the key to ensuring that it is used efficiently and effectively. Placing it in the corner of your backyard is too out of the way and not in a position where you can easily hand the food to your guests. Similarly, having the outdoor kitchen kit in a too central location would place it in the way of other aspects of the backyard and also minimize the feeling of open space.

A good location to have your outdoor kitchen kit would be close to the home, close to the center of the yard but to the side, to allow the center of the yard or covered area to be the main location for movement. This not only gives everyone more space to move about but also places the outdoor kitchen kit in a location where you can easily serve everyone the food that is cooked.

Maintenance: Stemming from the previously mention section about appliances, maintenance is one of the features that many people seem to forget. All is well and good when the kitchen cooking is in full steam but nobody wants to be left with a huge mess that they have to slave over to clean up. Alongside this, maintaining the outdoor kitchen kit is an important step to remember to ensure that you’ll get many years of delicious meals from it. Selecting a outdoor kitchen kit that is easy to clean and does not contain any unique hard to replace parts can help you in the long run and also prevent the possibility that you’re left with a broken set and a flurry of lost meals.

Another very simple thing to remember is that this is an outdoor kitchen kit and therefore will remain “outdoors”. Wear and tear from the elements is a very real thing, so it is important to search for an appropriately sized cover to prevent dirt, dust, wind and rain from affecting how the outdoor kitchen kit works as well as to keep everything nice and clean after you’ve scrubbed it from the most recent cooking event.

What are the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen?

There is more to having an outdoor kitchen kit than just ‘having one”. Depending on what you’re looking for or if you need a sweetener to the prospect of purchasing one, there are many great benefits to installing one in your home.

The party can now come to your home, with more options for fun becoming readily available. There is no need to keep everyone stuck in that small cramped home of yours, when the backyard is prime real estate for cooking heaven. The open area not only provides a new and exciting view of your home to guests but also promotes clear fresh air and a much greater opportunity for socializing. The additional aroma of delicious food is enough to have excitement and jealous neighbors peeking over the fence; if you haven’t invited them to the party already.

In the off chance that your home is affected by an electrical surge or power outage, having an outdoor kitchen kit would prevent you from going without cooked food until the power comes back. Most outdoor kitchen appliances only need a gas burner to cook and very rarely need electricity for anything more than lights to illuminate the area or to power the refrigerator.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can become convoluted and exhausting for some people, resulting in obvious drawbacks. It can become an easy and unhealthy tactic to limit your food consumption to fast food outlets and unhealthy living. What better way to motivate yourself to eat healthy than to have your own outdoor kitchen kit.

It’ll provide that extra motivation to use it and discover your culinary side. You’ll be more inclined to try new recipes and cook up your meals rather than go through the drive through, resulting in a much tastier and much healthier breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Most outdoor kitchen kits have the benefit of being easy to use and easy to clean. Without any extra additional to make the job difficult, the key is simply the tool to cook the food and the gas bottle. Products to shorten the time taken to clean as well as improve the efficiency of the cleaning product are also easily available to ensure you spend more time eating the delicious food you create and less time cleaning the mess after it.

Another simple point that would be somewhat contested by some is the idea that food cooked on a barbecue tastes better. Whilst it is safe to say that it will most likely have a slight difference to being cooked in an in-home kitchen oven, there is still the undeniable fact that experience itself would be new and exciting.

Measuring the benefits of an outdoor kitchen kit on an economic scale, the introduction of such a feature can improve the overall appeal and value of your property. Whilst the actual physical value of the benefit cannot be seen as significant, it is enough that it will more than likely turn a few heads and include itself as an additional perk of the home; should you ever decide to sell it or rent it.

More and more people want the comforts of everyday life in the safe and enjoyable environment of their own home and that includes the wonders of cooking outdoors.

What are the best inclusions for your outdoor kitchen kit?

Weber 741001 One Touch 22-Inch Kettle Grill, Black

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This grill comes with 363 square inches of total cooking space. The bowl and lid are made steel and coated with porcelain enamel, which allows the heat to circulate around the inside of the grill for even cooking. The material is perfect for using and storing outdoors as it cannot only withstand the heat of many cooking but it is also rustproof and weatherproof. The smooth and hardwearing surface also allows for easy cleaning; after each grill session, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe the dirt off.

This charcoal grill also features closed-lid cooking through the use of the damper system made by Weber. This system allows for control of the heat inside the unit without lifting the lid. All you need to do is adjust the damper to provide low heat for smoking food or high heat to sear steaks. No more getting numb from constant fanning or worrying about burnt meat.

Further, it has a glass-reinforced nylon handles and aluminum ash-catcher. It is also easy to assemble and can be used within minutes. Weber, as a brand of outdoor kitchen grill, is known for its look and feel. It claims to have become a backyard icon as its products are selling like pancakes.

Lifesmart Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill

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It is a ceramic charcoal grill shaped like an egg and was first designed and used by the Japanese. It doubles as a smoker because it gives insulation, and the ability to hold very high and very low temperatures. A lead-free and scratch-resistant glaze protects the Lifesmart Ceramic Grill and features porcelain-coated cooking grates ensure even heating across the entire grill surface. The distinct shape, for which Kamado Grills are known for, helps for cooking using direct or indirect heat.

Kamado Grills are superb smokers and roasters for whole chicken and turkey because it provides proper insulation, notwithstanding strong winds. The thick material also retains heat efficiently which means less charcoal and oxygen are needed. Other smokers with thinner walls are not as effective because of airflow while ceramics are very well insulated that an cook as low as 150°F and can hold steady temperatures.

Kamados are nearly airtight so it is perfect for cold or windy climates. Be careful in opening the lid however, as the coals are starved with oxygen and may flare with sudden direct contact with air. To prevent this, slowly open the top damper a bit, wait a minute, and stand by the side before fully opening. Kamado grills are also not portable because it is made of very heavy material. The ceramic is also prone to chipping so take good care of it.

SPT Compact Refrigerator with Energy Star-Stainless Steel

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This stainless steel refrigerator is one of the best yet cheapest options for your outdoor kitchen. It is small enough to fit underneath your counter (as a built-in), but large enough to store a good amount of food, such as meats, some fruit and vegetables, and materials to make fast snacks. It will also fit well in a well-designed kitchen, as it is not left out when it comes to the aesthetics department; the vertical rectangular fridge comes in an elegant black finish with stainless steel doors.

This compact refrigerator is also quiet and does its job at keeping food and drinks cold. Though small, it can easily keep meats frozen and fresh before taking it out for grilling. Installation is also fairly fast and easy; just takes it out of the box and pushes it underneath the assigned counter or you can leave it to stand on its own spot in the kitchen island. Just make sure that you have thoroughly checked the dimensions for it to be built-in the counter.

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven

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The Blackstone Outdoor oven is one of the best things in the market that bakes bread and pizza at a fraction of a price. Other ovens are twice or thrice the price of the Blackstone yet this product is able to handle the job easily. It features a Battery powered rotisserie motor to rotate the pizza stone for accurate and reliable brick oven results

Reviewers also rave by its amazing customer service. Blackstone doesn’t leave its customers unsatisfied. You won’t only get a great piece of equipment; the support from the company is also exemplary.

The oven takes a bit of a time to master but once you get the hang of it, homemade pizza baking will be fast and efficient. Not only will you save money from ordering pizza, you will be able to customize the toppings however you want and be sure that be ensured of the quality of ingredients used. It is also a nice new take of having backyard parties aside from the usual grilled hotdogs and burgers. It will definitely be a great and exciting addition to you outdoor kitchen kit.

Sunstone Drop-In Single Side Burner Propane Grill

418ooNPgXwL. SL500

This is a must-have if you want to have a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. Although people disregard this, it may be beneficial in the long run as you can easily heat up food and sauté ingredients to vamp your existing barbecue menu. Made from high quality stainless steel metal, this burner will last you a good long while, most especially since this will be stored outdoors. It is ready to take on moisture, heat, rain, and other elements. The components are high grade and features industrial strength. It comes with an equally high quality stainless steel cover to protect it when not in use.

With its professional look and high shine, it will look really classy when installed in your outdoor kitchen. Since it is drop-in, you need an existing counter or kitchen island. It is recommended to be installed near the barbecue grill. Some grills come with an existing side burner at an added cost. But if you want a freestanding single side burner, then this is your best bet. Sunstone also offers it in double, if you have a bigger outdoor kitchen.

ACE Stainless Steel Wall Mount Hand Sink with Faucet and Strainer

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This sink, made of high-grade 20-gauge stainless steel, won’t rust and corrode under the exposure of moisture, rain, snow, and heat. This is one of the best accessories you can add to your outdoor kitchen. You also don’t have to shed extra money for the faucet because it comes with 4″ wall mount faucet with 3-1/2″ gooseneck spout, strainer and wall bracket. Fitting it onto your outdoor kitchen is easy; just make sure that it is placed against a wall (since it is wall-mounted). However, if you will need something that should be built-in the counter, there are undermount sinks for outdoor kitchen available. These are more costly as you need to shed extra dollars for installation and for buying a faucet.

To hide the pipes underneath, you can build cabinets below it that can be used for storing utility cleaners and other stuff. If you are looking for a cost-effective sink that not only does its job nicely but is also easily installed, then the ACE Sink if the one for you.

Sunstone Grills 14 -Inch FlushTriple Access Drawer

41SamSGDzeL. SL500

Made of 16-gauge stainless steel frame and 20-gauge stainless steel drawer cabinet; this drawer is the perfect accessory for your outdoor kitchen. It has heavy duty rails to ensure easy opening and closing while still providing abundant space for your utensils, plates, cutleries, and other kitchen accessories. You can easily add it to your existing kitchen island or counters.

A drawer, though sometimes overlooked, is one of the important aspects of the kitchen when it comes to ease. You don’t have to constantly take trips inside the house to get the things you need for cooking. All the mostly used kitchen tools can be stored safely in this drawer.


Add some flavor to your life with the addition of an outdoor kitchen kit. There are a multitude of ways to style one to suit what you want and the benefits are only limited to what you make of it. You should definitely see the purchase of one as more than just the opportunity to cook more but rather the grand adventure where you explore culinary delights, create greater bonds with friends and expose your inner passion for food. An outdoor kitchen kit doesn’t just fill your stomach, it opens up a plethora of opportunity to live life from a slightly different angle and open up a whole new cooking experience.

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