Review of Camp Chef Sherpa Table

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The Camp Chef Sherpa Table is one of the helpful tools you can bring when going camping because of its portability and versatility. But those aren’t the only aspects that you should look for, it is also important that it’s made up of sturdy and strong materials, as it will take up some beating after being taken from one place to another all the time. With the Camp Sherpa Table, you get all those and more.

Camp Chef Sherpa Table

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It is very easy to put up and won’t require too much of your time. This is great if you are pressed for time and you need all your stuff in one place in the shortest possible amount of time. The Camp Chef Sherpa Table has a big compartment that houses four separate bags, which you can use to easily sort out your camping stuff. The material is made of durable cloth, although not waterproof. The tabletop is thick and sturdy so you can put plates, pots, and pans on top of it.


Owners have very little complaints about the product. One is the lack of versatility of the telescoping legs, which only have two levels. It would be great if the legs could go up higher to suit the needs of taller people. However, this isn’t really a huge con and shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Users also don’t like how the zippers seem like it’s made of low-quality materials. It’s quite tacky to open and close, but otherwise lasts.

What are the important aspects of the Camp Sherpa Table?


This is a rollout aluminum tabletop that attaches to the top of the frame. The entire cabinet is made from denier fabric that can withstand pressure and carry multiply heavy materials. You’re sure that this fabric won’t split or tear even with constant use and beating. This fabric is not waterproof however and it is recommended to be stored inside the tent or under roof when heavy rain comes.

The legs are made of telescoping aluminum that can be extended twice. It can be raised up to the perfect cooking and eating height. The top is made of aluminum and it can be stored easily in its own compartment when it’s time to go. It can also easily withstand hot camp stoves, etc. The four removable bags that come with the Sherpa table are padded while one is lined so it can be used as a cooler to keep your food warm or cold.

A customer complained about the fabric near the seams, which might tear easily because it is a stress point. Just be careful when pulling as to not damage it. The customer also encountered a hole at the top of the bag but sewn it using a heavy-duty thread.


Although this Camp Sherpa Table is quite heavy on its own at 13.4 pounds, it’s still quite portable as you can fold it and carry the parts one by one. The most important thing is that everything you need can be stacked in one place and carried in one go, although you will surely need the help of your peers here.

Once camping is done, you can clean everything up and pack it back up in this Sherpa table so you’ll have all your camping gear ready to go for next time. Also take note that because the interior of the Sherpa table is smaller than the external frames outside, it can take up a lot of space in your vehicle.

Ease of Use

You can fit a lot of stuff in this Sherpa table. The four pullouts is a great way to be organized with your camping stuff. With the bags out, these little dividers unzip so you can have two long shelves or four little ones or no dividers at all if you want. This is great if you have large stuff like cutting boards, pots, or pans.

The idea is like you have different drawers in your kitchen. You can also put labels in the drawers if you want for easy digging. A customer said that it’s very clever as one of the hassles in camping is keeping everything organized and accessible.

What other things should you know about the Camp Chef Sherpa Table?

Putting it together is very easy; it would only take about 10-15 minutes. Once set up, it works as a cook stove top, then kitchen sink top for cleanup, then a good, sturdy table for whatever else you need.

Its versatility is very useful especially in a place where there are no picnic tables. Once all your stuff is inside, it’s also easier to move around especially when it starts to rain. Moving all your camping stuff at once in a quick manner is incredibly convenient.

It also comes with carry handles located on the sides that are well cushioned so it’s comfortable to move around. Although with all the contents you have put inside the Sherpa, it might be difficult to move around by yourself. You’ll probably need at least three people to carry it as the Sherpa table itself adds some weight.

Be careful about the tabletop though as it is made of slats of aluminum. When something spills on top of it, all the liquids will go down to your containment and might wet your stuff stored underneath. You can solve it by simply putting a vinyl-coated fabric directly underneath the aluminum table. The upside is that the surface is quite wide so you’ll be able to have enough space for prepping, cooking, and cleanup.

The Verdict

The Camp Chef Sherpa Table is definitely a good buy and is recommended if you love going on lots of camping and weekend getaways. It’s very convenient and it’s spacious enough to contain all your gear and camping essentials.

Finding the stuff that you need is also made easier because of the cabinet divider of the Sherpa table, which increases efficiency. Not only that, the aluminum table top is also a great addition as it doubles the purpose of your Sherpa, helping you bring less in your getaways.

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