Review of Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove

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Having an outdoor oven allows you to whip up dishes that will make you forget that you’re in a camp somewhere far from the comforts of your own home. Heated beans in a can, the popular mainstay in camping areas, will be the meal of the past if you have an outdoor oven with matching camping stove, such as the Camp Chef Camping outdoor oven with Stove.

This allows you to have filling homemade meals that will make your stay in the woods or in a camping range even more fun and satisfying. Roasting marshmallow and meat over fire is fun, but it’s not really fully satisfying unlike the mouthwatering dishes you can make with a camping oven.

Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with Stove

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It holds up the heat really well so you’ll be able to cook more in less amount of time without consuming too much fuel. When you’re in a camp, the fuel is really important so it’s really good how the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven is able to produce a lot of meals while saving you some gas for more uses in the future. Customers also like how the double burners located on top of the oven is better than traditional burners, considering that its built for camping.


Some users commented that this outdoor oven and burner isn’t powerful enough if you’re going to do lots of cooking. Although it does a good job at it, you’ll have to spend copious amount of time in front of this appliance to cook food for a large number of happy campers.

What are the important aspects of the Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove?


To power your camping outdoor oven, you’ll need disposable propane tanks. You can bring several tanks depending on how long you’ll stay in your campsite and how much you’re planning to use. To give you an idea on how many to bring, a disposable bottle will last about six hours when the oven is set on high. Since you aren’t always using the high temperature, the bottle will last much longer.

The oven won’t let you choose the temperature whenever you need to bake. Instead, there’s a range between high and low. You’ll be able to see the temperature inside through the thermometer that comes with the oven. Owners suggest keeping an eye on that thermometer, as the temperature tends to go up and down.

It’s also very hassle free to use because of the matchless igniter; it works just like your gas stove and oven at home.


The height of this outdoor oven is a little bit low. If you’re a tall guy, you might find it hard to cook something in the burners because you have to lean down most of the time. The oven is much even lower; you have to squat every now and then. It’s not really a big deal and you can always find a table or stone to prop it up to give it more height.

Surprisingly, this outdoor oven is much bigger inside than it looks. You’ll be able to put in a lot of dishes inside the oven to cook more for your family or friends. Take note however that this oven will not be able to accommodate standard sized baking pans. Choose smaller sized tin foils.

The two burners on top also allow you to multi-task. The burners come with a lid for wind protection to avoid the flame from going out. While you’re baking something in the oven, you’ll be able to cook sauces and other dishes on the burner. Imagine having a fancy dinner under the starry night sky. The Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven makes camping even more fun and exciting.


The oven comes with two racks so you can maximize every cook and bake by putting all the food you can fit inside the oven. Though the interior is very spacious, it is not suggested to use regular sized baking pans because it will take up all the space and it might be hard to put it inside and out because of the narrow entry. You also can’t fit two large pans on both the stoves at once.


Camp Chef Outdoor Oven and Burner feature a lid that folds up to reveal two burners with up to 7,500 BTUs of power each. With the oven, this outdoor cooking device may be considered quite heavy at 35 pounds. However, it is designed to be taken anywhere you please with the sturdy handles that allow you to carry it with comfort. You might need help in moving this and setting it up though.

What other things should you know about the Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove?

One owner loved the Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven because it allows him to cook and bake dishes like pizzas, breads, and muffins while in camp. He said that he has gotten a lot of compliments and it also allowed their stay to be much more appealing. The knobs and the handles get very hot when you’re baking so be careful around it.

Users recommend getting the bag/case that is offered for this product because storage without it may cause dents or scratches and may damage the nice stainless steel finish. The materials used for this product is also heavy-duty and despite being considered as a lightweight portable product, it has over 18,000 BTUs of cooking power to reach a maximum 400-degree oven temperature.

The Verdict

The Camp Chef Camping outdoor Oven with Two Burner Stove is an awesome addition to your camping gear if you love going out into the woods or in the wild once in every while as it makes you stay much more comfortable. For the affordable price, it’ll do wonders in your camp, as you’ll be able to whip up goodies that are only made possible by this appliance.

Bake some fresh bread and cookies, pizza, lasagna, and cook sauces and casseroles in the stove. Despite the weight and the effort, you’ll find that it greatly improves the ambiance of your campsite.

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