Dyna Glo Smoker Review 

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Smoking any meal makes it ten times better, but it means time, money, charcoal, and sweat.

It’s not very pleasant to think about, but we’ve got just the right solution for you.

An electric smoker can change the way you smoke your food!

The Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker not only gives your food an authentic smokey flavor, but it also makes smoking easy and fun.

If you want to know more about the unit, our Dyna Glo Smoker review will provide you the information that you need.

Dyna Glo Smoker Review

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Dyna-Glo Grill is a company that is a part of the GHP Group, which is a renowned manufacturer of fireplaces, portable heating products, charcoal grills, and more.

It is one of the biggest manufacturers in North America.

If you are hunting for a smoker that gives maximum smokey flavor to your food while simplifying the cooking process, the Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker might be the answer.

With this unit, there is no lighted charcoal and ashy mess.

You just have to load wood chips in the smoker, put your food inside, set the temperature, and relax as the smoker prepares a tender and smokey meal for you.

The temperature gauge and dial make it easier to set the inside temperature for perfect and even heating.

It is also not hard to shift, so you can move it around and choose a place to start grilling.

Who Is This Product For?

If our Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker review has interested you so far, we are sure you want to know if the smoker is right for you.

Believe us when we say it is for everybody. You can get a perfectly smoked and heated meal every time, no matter your cooking experience.

Put a seasoned brisket inside with some peppers and leave it for slow smoking throughout the day.

Then, enjoy a mind-blowing dinner at night. It’s a no-brainer.

The smoker can be ideal for beginners with little or no smoking experience.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors, so it is also well-suited to outdoor cooks who are already fond of nature and food.

If you genuinely want to experience outdoor cooking, though, get an outdoor kitchen grill, set up your smoker, and start broiling.

Want to get more creative? You can build an outdoor kitchen on a budget.

The Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker can be your first step to setting up an outdoor cooking space.

You can add a few more essentials to the terrace, such as an outdoor refrigerator and patio furniture for the ultimate cooking experience.

Lastly, the Dyna Glo Smoker is also perfect for those on a tight budget.

It is affordable with a decent cooking capacity, which makes it stand out among other electric smokers.

What’s Included?

The Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker comes with three adjustable chrome-plated grill grates that offer decent capacity, plus a removable grease cup inside.

The packaging also includes a manual-controlled temperature dial for easy setting.

What’s more, the side wood chip loader and a water bowl are included in the box so that you don’t have to purchase anything separately.

Overview of Features

What makes the Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker better than a lot of the smokers is that you get every necessary feature without the unnecessarily high price.

The smoker has a 1,500-Watt powerful burner, and its side-access wood chip loader ensures that you don’t lose any of the flavorful smoke from inside while loading.

The double-wall firebox also retains heat inside without giving off smoke outside.

You also don’t have to worry about vents even if you are using the smoker indoors.

You can easily use the smoker all-year-round without a doubt.

The smoker offers 505 square feet of cooking space with three adjustable chrome-plated cooking grills.

If you ask us, that’s plenty of space to smoke a lot of food all the way through.

You can easily control and monitor the temperature inside the smoker with the manual-control temperature dial and temperature gauge outside.

The temperature gauge at the front features a Smoke Zone to give you an idea of the heat range for a maximum smokey flavor.

However, there is one small catch. Since there is no glass on the door, you can’t check your food unless it’s fully done.

If you open the door even for a peak, you will lose all the smoke and heat inside.

So, set the temperature and sit back no matter how much you want to check the progress of your meal.

How to Get the Most Out of the Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker

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Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your electric smoker:

  1. Preheat your smoker each time before using it. A little patience, in the beginning, will lead to better results.
  2. Don’t over-smoke. No matter how much you want to leave your food inside, take it out when it’s time. If your food is already cooked, you only want a touch of the smokey flavor.
  3. Foil your grill grates. If you leave your grills greasy, your next smoking experience might not be perfect. The foil will keep your grill clean and hygienic.


  • Powerful burner
  • Simple and convenient design
  • Decent cooking space
  • Affordable


  • Wood chip loader might be a bit small in some situations
  • No viewing window on the door


For a better idea of what you’re in for and to ensure this Dyna Glo Smoker review is as detailed as possible, let’s look at another product.

If you want just about the same features and performance in a more convenient design, the LANDMANN MCO Smoky Mountain 26″ Electric Smoker might be a good option.

The smoker has a 1500-Watt burner along with a lesser weight for easier moving.

The great thing about this smoker is the viewing glass window on the door.

You don’t have to lose any of the precious smoke to check on your food.

On the downside, the Landmann Smoker has a smaller cooking space than the Dyna Glo Smoker while being about double in price.

So, if you are up for a more significant investment, Landmann Smoker might be worth it.


The Dyna Glo Analog Electric Smoker is a good option for anyone looking for a good smoker in a budget.

It is simple to use and delivers excellent results in every season.

Remember, every smoker is built to fit different user needs, so, no alternative can be perfect.

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