Char Broil Offset Smoker Review

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It was in 1948 when Char-Broil introduced its first charcoal grill to the American market. Since then, they have never stopped improving and innovating different products for their consumers. One of their products was even recognized as the World’s Best BBQ Grill in 1984.

The company’s constant innovation transformed the way people enjoyed cookouts and barbecues with family and friends. The Char Broil offset smoker received another update from the company to make sure that it performs better than before.

Char Broil Offset Smoker

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This Char Broil offset smoker is fitted with the traditional smoking chamber made from quality materials that are meant to last for many years. It reduces the air draft, which helps control the temperature inside the unit.

The company made several changes to improve this offset smoker, so it could also double as a charcoal grill.

Who Is This Product For?

If you are one of those who love the smoky taste of barbecue, then an offset smoker is what you need. It is a conventional type of smoker that can make juicy and tasty smoked meats.

Some offset smoker models are also used as a barbecue grill. This is done by putting charcoal in the oven and then placing the meat on top of the cooking grate. There are specific meats intended for slow cooking at a low temperature, among which are ribs, brisket, pork butt, or any large piece of meat.

This smoker is perfect for those who love to entertain friends and families during weekends because offset smokers can accommodate various meats in one cooking. Some professionals use offset smokers for competitions.

What’s Included?

An offset smoker is composed of two parts. The principal component is a barrel-shaped cooking chamber. This chamber has a metal lid that can be lifted if you need to open it up.

A slightly lower box or barrel connected to one side of the cooking chamber is called the firebox. Then, there’s a chimney protruding on the other side. There’s a grated cooking surface where you can place several slices of meat for grilling or smoking.

You can also find a temperature gauge, so you have visual information about the cooking chamber’s heat range. The firebox can also work like a charcoal grill. There is an extra storage space found in the unit, as well.

Overview of the Features

  • Spacious Cooking Chamber

Barbecues taste better when cooked in a spacious smoker because the smoke can circulate better inside the chamber.

The primary cooking chamber of this offset smoker boasts of an extra-large cooking surface that can accommodate several pieces of burgers and meat cooked at the same time.

  • Temperature Gauge

Keeping track of the right temperature is vital to the outcome of your barbecue. A temperature gauge is cleverly placed on top of the cooking chamber’s lid so that you can see the actual temperature inside the smoker.

  • Cooking Grates

The quality of the cooking grates is very crucial in smoking and grilling. This part is where all the burned food gets stuck, and the only way to remove it is by scrubbing it with a brush. Mediocre grates will quickly wear off with constant use.

Both the primary cooking chamber and the firebox has porcelain-coated cooking grates. These grates are easy to clean and are rust-resistant.

  • Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber helps in controlling the temperature by lessening the air draft, while the top damper can be adjusted to control heat and smoke.

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  • Ash Door

There is an ash door to the offset firebox for a more convenient way of removing and cleaning the ash after each cooking. This door also acts as a way for the air to enter the smoker for proper burning.

You can also use the door if you need to poke and stir the coals or to regulate the smoke and heat inside.

  • Charcoal Grill Option

This offset smoker can now double up as a charcoal grill. You can use the main cooking chamber or the firebox as an alternative.

  • Extra Storage Space

It is more comfortable if the things that you will are close at hand. The additional shelves serve as extra spaces for preparation or as a convenient place to put your utensils and extra charcoals. You can place your grilling and cooking tools and accessories, as well.

  • Mobility

Two large wheels, measuring eight inches each, are placed on each side of the unit, so it is easier to move the smoker from one place to another. The wheels are made of sturdy metal and plastic, which are efficiently combined to carry a heavy load.

  • Cool Touch Handle

The door and grill handle stay cool even when the smoker is in use, so there’s no worry of getting burned. It is designed in a way that lets you get a good grip on the handle.

  • Comprehensive Warranty

The offset smoker is built with a solid steel structure that can last for several years. What’s more, the unit is backed with an all-inclusive warranty for one whole year.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to use


  • Parts don’t align
  • Smoke leak
  • Bubbling/peeling paint


The Char-Broil Deluxe Offset Smoker is priced a bit higher than the regular offset smoker we just reviewed. This big smoker is an excellent product if you love to invite friends over for a weekend cookout.

All the features from the regular offset smoker are also found in the deluxe model. The stainless steel handles are sturdy enough that moving the smoker is very easy.

The extra shelf became longer and was transferred in front of the smoker, providing you with more space and more convenient access, too. The height of the coal grate on this deluxe offset smoker can be adjusted according to your preference.


There are a lot of offset smokers out in the market today, which offers a set of features that you can benefit from. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly smoker that can also deliver what the other smokers provide, you will never go wrong with the Char Broil Offset Smoker.

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