What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Kitchen Appliances?

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Buying appliances is not easy. Unlike a rug, a vase, or kitchen utensils, appliances can’t be taken back easily. Returning appliances that you don’t want or don’t feel satisfied about may not only be worrisome, it is also difficult on both the part of the buyer and the seller, especially if these are outdoor kitchen appliances that are not widely commercial.

Some outdoor kitchen appliances are small and do not generally cost much (depending on quality and brand), such as grills and side burners. These may be returned easily and exchanged to a new one without hassle as you can simply load it to your car and drive it back.

The appliance center would also be gladly to allow the return and exchange without fuss because stocking it back would be easy. But imagine the extents you will have to undergo if the appliance is huge, such as an outdoor refrigerator, big pizza ovens, and vent hoods?

To minimize the risk of you getting buyer’s remorse in the latest outdoor kitchen appliance that you are planning to purchase, we have rounded up some tips and examples that may help you in choosing the ones that may suit your needs and preferences.

What are the tips on purchasing outdoor kitchen appliances?

Know what you need – Don’t be like the guy who bought an enormous pizza oven because it is on sale only to learn that he only needs to bake one 14” pizza for him and his two friends who comes over once a week. Some questions to ask yourself include: How big should it be? How often are you going to use it? How often do you hold outdoor barbecue parties?

Check out what’s in store – Drop by the appliance centers near you to check what they have. List the ones that caught your fancy and ask the attendants about its specifications, warranty, etc. Never make an impulse buy! A sales attendant can be very convincing after they explain the pros of their product. Instead, round up the best three that you think will suit your needs and budget, go home and proceed to tip number two.

Read Reviews – Before you make any purchase, check that appliance you are eyeing and read reviews online about it. The Internet gives good comparisons and people who have purchased them are frank when they write their reviews whether they rave or rant. It also makes it easier for you to know which ones to avoid.

Or better yet, invite yourself over to your neighbors’ or friends’ houses and check out their outdoor kitchen appliances. Ask them for a good advice and what they think about their purchases. These people are very honest when they say when an appliance gives them problems at least once a month.

Get the right size – You don’t want to purchase new sets of tools and cooking equipment such as baking dish and pots to use along with your new kitchen appliance. This only incurs additional purchases that aren’t necessary. Also make sure that your new appliance isn’t too big for your patio or is too complicated that you will have to redesign your entire outdoor space.

What are the outdoor kitchen appliances you need?

Now that you have read the tips purchasing, you should next have an idea on what to purchase. What are the main appliances that your outdoor kitchen should have? We have listed the typical ones that should assist you in your cooking activities.


This is the most common feature of any outdoor kitchen. You have a choice to buy a portable or a built-in grill, whether to use natural gas or propane, etc. The portable is only good if you want it to move around your backyard. However, if you are set on having it only in one area, just make it in-built.

Having it fixed in one area is more coordinated, especially if you have designed your outdoor kitchen with fixed countertops and burners. Get something like the:

Char-Broil Performance Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner and Cabinet

31bC6JuBDfL. SL500


Just like the grill, refrigerators may be built in. This is only advisable if the fridge is small and well coordinated with the countertop and kitchen design. If it is huge, then you can place it where it won’t be a nuisance while you cook. Some refrigerators come with wine coolers, which is a fun addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Since the kitchen is outdoors, make sure to get a stainless steel one so it can withstand humidity and other corrosive substances/factors. A premium stainless steel refrigerator such as the:

Bull Stainless Steel Outdoor Refrigerator

31lQdWsCa9L. SL500

Pizza oven

Just like the grill, this can be portable or built-in. Though not a must-have as a grill, pizza ovens are fun to have. It makes a great addition to your outdoor kitchen and greatly entertains visitors.

Pizza is also exciting to add to the menu aside from the traditional grilled hotdogs and burgers. A no-fuss pizza grill is the:

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven

41+Jktsi1lL. SL500


Great for heating up dishes on the go as you don’t have to take a trip indoors when you need to. It comes in a wide array of varieties: Built-in or on cart; electric, natural gas, or propane; double or single; and many more.

The benefit of having a burner handy is that it serves as a backup-cooking device when outages occur. It is also perfect for sautéing onions and sauces to top your grilled goodies. Check out the:

Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Single Side Burner

31eHC0X97aL. SL500


Appliance hunting is not an easy task but after you have rounded up your top picks, it will be fun putting them together to create your very own outdoor kitchen.  This type of kitchen is not only fun for your guests, but it you will also find it enjoying and efficient. Just make sure that you have the right outdoor kitchen appliances for a fuss-free and worthwhile outdoor grilling and cooking.

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